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48 hours prior to tinting OR Eyelash Extensions, a sensitivity test will be needed if you have not had this service before.

Eyelash Extensions

Full-set of Eyelashes |120mins |£82.50

Eyelash Infills |30 mins |£27.50

Express Lashes (Natural)|60mins |£44.00

Lash Removal|30mins |£22.00

Add beautiful length to your lashes without looking false. Prior to treatment please attend mascara free.

LVL Lash Lift  75 mins | £57.20

LVL stands for length, volume & lift. Using a setting serum to straighten your natural lashes at the root(making them look curled up), and then your lashes are tinted, creating the appearance of mascara.


Eyelash Tint | 15 mins | £17.60

Eyebrow Tint | 15 mins | £13.20

Lash & Brow Tint| 30 mins | £24.20

48 hours prior to tinting, a sensitivity test will be needed if you have not had tinting before.

Russian Lashes

Full Set from | 120 mins | £99.00

Infills (2.5 weeks) | 90 mins | £38.50

Russian Lashes are the latest lash technique, sometimes known as 3D Lashes or even 6D Lashes and becoming one of the most sought-after treatments. This technique is ideal for ladies that don’t have many lashes and want a fuller look, or even for ladies that want a very glamorous ‘full on’ look