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An ayurvedic massage treatment designed to anchor the roots chakra. The stones are placed on key points or problem areas of the body to soften muscles and relieve tension. This treatment penetrates 5 times deeper than an ordinary massage.

Swedish Full Body| 55 mins | £50.00

A soothing massage to relax muscles, improve circulation and de-stress.

Skin Renewing Exfoliation| 35 mins | £37.00

An exfoliation is applied all over the body to buff away dead skin cells followed by body moisturise. Perfect before a spray tan, pre or post holidays.

Exfoliation & Relaxation Massage| 75mins | £69.00

A treatment that combines exfoliation and massage for a perfect moment of calm and relaxation. 

Indian Head Massage| 30mins | £30.00

Helps prevent migraines, headaches and back pain; promotes hair growth; helps concentration and memory capabilities, relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Feet & Legs Massage| 25 mins | £25.00

Ideally for tired legs & poor blood circulation.

Wicked Face, Back & Shoulders Massage| 40 mins | £40.00

A deeply relaxing massage focusing on built up stress & muscle tension all areas across the face, back & shoulders.



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